You'll become a better, more confident vegan cook in less than 31 days!

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You'll become a better, more confident vegan cook in less than 31 days!

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Name your price to join this valuable vegan cooking program!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen, unsure of where to start on your journey to a plant-based lifestyle?

Do you long to make a compassionate choice for animals but find yourself held back by unreliable recipes that google spits out?

You're not alone. Transitioning to a vegan diet can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn't have to be that way.

That's why acclaimed vegan chef Adam Sobel is offering you a unique opportunity to join his life-changing cooking program at a price that works for you.

In previous years, this program cost $78, but Adam's mission is to help as many people as possible make the switch to plant-based living.

That's why this year, he's offering the program on a donation-based model. Yes, you read that right – you can take this transformative program for as little as $1!

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✅ Get inspired and overcome your kitchen fears:

Receive daily recipes with tons of cooking tips, tricks, and hacks included. You will gently be encouraged with guidance to move a little bit beyond your comfort zone into the exciting, healthy world of compassionate cooking.

✅ Get personal guidance and feedback from an acclaimed professional chef:

Chef Adam Sobel will be available to you throughout the month for personal cooking mentoring, to answer your questions, and to help you with workarounds for any dietary restrictions you might have.

✅ Connect with a massive support group of vegan cooks:

You'll gain special access to a private Facebook group where Chef Adam Sobel and a thriving community of hundreds of cooks come together to support, learn, and grow. It's a welcoming, judgment-free zone where we uplift each other, celebrate achievements, and make gains on our shared culinary journey.

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About your Instructor

Adam Sobel is best known as the Chef and owner of The Cinnamon Snail, the insanely popular, award winning vegan food truck and restaurant with a cult following.

Chef Sobel has cooked at the James Beard House, and instructed cooking classes at the Institute for Culinary Education, as well as the aclaimed De Gustibus Cooking School. He has appeared on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, & New York Times.

Adam's cookbook Street Vegan is available worldwide, and his online cooking classes attract a big following of students looking for easy weeknight recipes and plant-based gourmet meals.

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Add 31 EXTRA healthy vegan recipes

✅31 complete gluten-free & vegan recipes

✅BONUS of 4 cooking videos

A fun way to jump-start your diet, and give you confidence and inspiration in the kitchen.

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Seitan Masterclass

We cover the key seitan-making methods in this workshop, and all are approachable for beginners and advanced cooks alike.

✅Washed flour seitan

✅Vital wheat gluten vegan chicken

Learn lots of juicy tips and tricks with tons of questions answered in this class which covers seitan fundamentals!

[[1900 | currency]]

Plant-based cheese school

This fun class is going to bring your pizzas, and grilled cheese sammies, to the next level!

In this 60-minute class you will learn:

✅vegan buffalo-style mozz

✅Smokey fermented nut-based cheese

✅Sliceable and shreddable vegan cheddar

✅Charred jalapeno nacho cheese

All of the recipes in this particular class also happen to be gluten-free!

[[2800 | currency]]

Cinnamon Snail Legacy Class Bundle

These classes were the first ones I taught online, and they are amazing. They have been enjoyed by literally thousands of students!

…but they just aren’t as good in quality as my more recent classes have become.  Some of them don’t have quite as high video resolution, or the audio quality isn’t as sexy and perfect as I’d like. 

I was on the verge of just stopping offering them completely. But rather than that, I decided I would offer them at a crazy deep discount because they are still wonderful classes and I know people can get a lot of value out of them.

This bundle includes 9 classes with more than 15 hours of class time, and over 40 recipes! This is over $350 worth of classes for just $120

Classes included in this bundle:

✅Killer Vegan Brunch

✅Mother’s Day Vegan Brunch in 45 minutes

✅Vegan Italian Cuisine

✅Vegan Burgers and Fries workshop

✅Supreme Vegan Donut Making Bonanza

✅Korean BBQ Seitan Masterclass

✅Super Bowl Vegan Snack Attack

✅Vegan Valentine’s Dinner Class

James Beard House Menu Class

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