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Feel amazing this summer without eating any animal products.

Transform Your Diet with Guidance from a Renowned Vegan Chef

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Three-Week Vegan Program for a Healthier Summer

Welcome to the Plant-Based Summer Reset! An exclusive online cooking program designed by Chef Adam Sobel, the culinary mastermind/goofball behind the beloved Cinnamon Snail food truck and restaurants.

Here's what you will love about this 21-day training:

✅ Feel empowered and supported with daily recipes, cooking tips, and nutritional guidance.

✅ Work out a sustainable meal-prepping regimen that will keep you nourished and excited about vegan food this summer.

✅ Get community connection and support with weekly informal virtual sessions.

I am limiting this program's class size to ensure all participants have a valuable, transformative experience. Enrollment will close once we reach capacity.

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Our students are those seeking:

Exciting and inspiring vegan recipes.

Opportunities to build friendships and gain support within the vegan community.

Delicious, healthier food options that don’t require endless hours in the kitchen.

Ways to improve their cooking skills across the board.

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⬇️ Tap each of these to see how the Plant-Based Summer Reset will exceed your expectations!

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Recipes with too many steps

Our recipes typically feature eight steps or fewer, making cooking less daunting and wayyyyy more approachable.

Recipes with hard-to-find ingredients

Can you get everything you need for the recipes we share at your local bodega? Probably not.

But we provide links in our recipes so you can easily order anything you need, delivered straight to your door!

Recipes that don't work reliably

In addition to having been written and tested by an award-winning chef, over 300 recipe testers from all around the world, with various skills and backgrounds, test the living daylights out of our recipes.

You can trust that you will get delicious results, no matter where on the planet you are.

Recipes that take too darn long to make

Our recipes are crafted for efficiency, honoring both your time and lifestyle preferences.

Everything shared in this program is practical and doesn't involve turning your kitchen upside down.

Boring, uninventive recipes

As an award-winning street food chef known for dishes that are super-bold and exploding with flavor (yet not gimmicky or pretentious), Chef Sobel ensures every recipe is first and foremost delicious and inspiring.

Recipes with unclear instructions

With experience as a cookbook author and culinary school instructor, Chef Sobel writes recipes that are straightforward, including alternative instructions for those who prefer using tools like air fryers, and instant pots.

Recipes that are unhealthy

Every recipe we offer is crafted from unprocessed, natural ingredients—no imitation meats, artificial cheeses, or synthetic additives, just wholesome, scratch-made meals.

Everything shared in this program can be made entirely gluten-free.

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31 days of healthy vegan recipes

Go through this collection of fan-favorite recipes at your own pace:

✅31 complete gluten-free & vegan recipes

✅BONUS of 4 cooking videos

A fun way to jump-start your diet, and give you confidence and inspiration in the kitchen.

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Plant-based cheese school

This fun class is going to bring your pizzas, and grilled cheese sammies, to the next level!

In this 60-minute class you will learn:

✅vegan buffalo-style mozz

✅Smokey fermented nut-based cheese

✅Sliceable and shreddable vegan cheddar

✅Charred jalapeno nacho cheese

All of the recipes in this particular class also happen to be gluten-free!

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Cinnamon Snail Legacy Class Bundle

These classes were the first ones I taught online, and they are amazing. They have been enjoyed by literally thousands of students!

…but they just aren’t as good in quality as my more recent classes have become.  Some of them don’t have quite as high video resolution, or the audio quality isn’t as sexy and perfect as I’d like. 

I was on the verge of just stopping offering them completely. But rather than that, I decided I would offer them at a crazy deep discount because they are still wonderful classes and I know people can get a lot of value out of them.

This bundle includes 9 classes with more than 15 hours of class time, and over 40 recipes! This is over $350 worth of classes for just $120

Classes included in this bundle:

✅Killer Vegan Brunch

✅Mother’s Day Vegan Brunch in 45 minutes

✅Vegan Italian Cuisine

✅Vegan Burgers and Fries workshop

✅Supreme Vegan Donut Making Bonanza

✅Korean BBQ Seitan Masterclass

✅Super Bowl Vegan Snack Attack

✅Vegan Valentine’s Dinner Class

James Beard House Menu Class

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